Hello and wellcome to ML Manager, here is everything you need to know about us:


  • We have two competitions League and Cup


  • New managers have budget of 75.000.000,00 € for transfers.


  • The value of a player to be considered is the value on www.transfermarkt.de in €, players who do not have value and exist on PES can not be acquired.


  • You can take any player from PES, except fake players and players with fake names


  • Number of players you can have in your team is minimum 20 and maximum 30


  • When you are making transfer for your team, you need to write full name of the player, his club and his position


  • At the end of the season, salaries of players are deducted from budget by 10% of the players value when he signed for your club

Transfer period

  • In transfer period manegers post their list of desired players and players that are being released/sold
  • For new player to join the team it need to pass 8h after manager announce him in WhatsApp group to sign him definitely
  • In transfer window when two or more players want the same player they approach to bidding for that player, limit for bidding is managers budget.
  • In transfer window there is a fee for players and it is 5% of transmarkt.de worth in all transactions – buying, selling or end of contract – teams of new managers are not affected with this.
  • If player is realeased after only one season in the club, then you get 50% of his current value, and if you release him after two or more seasons then you get 100% of his current value on transfermarkt.de deducted with 5% fee.


League rules


  • It is a classic league with Home & Away games
  • in 2 week period players are obligated to play 8 fixtures after that next 8 fixtures are available to play
  • After every game, player who was on the home side must take screenshots of the game and post them in SS whatsapp group
  • Asmins will upload results on website


  • It is a classic cup with Home and Away games
  • After every game, player who was on the home side must take screenshots of the game and post them in SS whatsapp group
  • Admins will upload results on website

League Rewards

  • Rewards for placement in the league starts with last place in the league, last place gets 10.000.000,00 €  end adds 500.000,00 € on every next place in the league
  • Reward for won points in the league:

0-9 points – 1.000.000,00

10-19 points – 2.000.000,00

20-29 points – 3.000.000,00


  • bonus rewards:
  • best scorer 1.500.000
  • best assistant 1.000.000 €


Cup Rewards

  • Playing Round of 16
  • 200.000,00 €
  • Playing quarter-finals
  • 400.000,00 €
  • Playing semi-finals
  • 600.000,00 €
  • Vice-champion
  • 1.250.000,00 €
  • 1.750.000,00€
  • best scorer
  • 500.000,00 €
  • best assistant
  • 250.000,00 €


  • cards penalties :
  • yellow card 50.000 €
  • red card 100.000 €
  • not played match penalties:
  • 250.000 € for each manager

Playing matches

  • PS4 must be connected via LAN cable to modem as recommend by game
  • Match room for playing must be created in Deutschland lobby